Welcome to Sawston Youth Group Canoe Club

Messing about on the River!
Sawston Youth Group owns 15 Kayaks, 4 Sit-on-tops, for the use of the young people at SYG, who are interested in canoeing and water sports. In addition to these kayaks we have  2 canoe s , an SUP and all the necessary safety gear to makes the use of this equipment as safe as possible. Below is a list of the SYG Canoe Club events that some members of Sawston Youth Group can take part in. Unless specifically mentioned, these events apply to both Kayakers and Canoeists:
30 th July - Thursday 4 th July 2022
 Annual Residential, Vauxhall Christian Trust Adventure Centre , Suffolk 
Some canoeing and kayaking will take place during our Annual Residential at Vauxhall CTAC.

For pictures from recent river trips & canoeing event s, click HERE.

• Equipment and Safety 
SYG owns a fleet of 15 kayaks, 2 canoes, trailers and all the safety clothing that is required for any canoeing trip.  When canoeing with SYG, we expect each attendant to bring appropriate “wet” clothing and footwear to canoe in, a full change of dry clothing with a towel, a packed lunch/tea and a drink, preferably a hot one. All this should be brought in a waterproof bag (2 bin liners will do the trick).

All SYG canoeing staff are fully qualified with the British Canoeing and have many years of experience coaching canoeists. All possible controls are put in place to ensure that canoeing with SYG is a safe and enjoyable activity. One of these controls is that the Instructors word is final, both on and off the water. Please remember this – it is for your safety.

• River Trips 
River Trips are an essential part of the British Canoeing awards and are also a lot of fun. They can vary in distance from 2 miles to 8 miles, and will improve your paddling no end. For all river trips you will need to bring a change of clothes, a towel, some lunch and a hot drink in a waterproof bag. 

• General Sessions 

These sessions can take any format from going to a white-water centre, practicing in swimming pools, competitions and general sessions just for fun. For all sessions, you will need to bring a change of clothes, a towel, some lunch and a hot drink in a waterproof bag.

• Coaching for British Canoeing Awards

British Canoeing has Paddle Awards and Discipline Specific Awards.

If you're looking to get in a boat for the first time, then the Paddle Awards are for you!  The awards will develop your confidence in the craft you choose in a sheltered water environment, developing your fundamental skills and decision making skills, enabling you to start your lifelong journey into paddlesport. 

The Discipline Specific Awards allow you to develop your personal paddling and decision making skills in the craft and environment of your choice.  Available in every craft and environment, the awards are based on your learning, encouraging you in your personal development. So whether your looking to progress your White-water skills, or get into Open Canoeing, the awards are for you!  
Obtaining these awards can count towards your Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Physical section.
• Obtaining British Canoeing Awards
All participants should make a record of their river trips in a “log book”. This will be required when they take any British Canoeing Awards.

Numbers on Trips
Please note that numbers for any canoeing activity must be limited to the amount of equipment available and the recommended instructor to student ratio, as laid down by British Canoeing. This will vary depending on the activity.  With this in mind, places for all canoeing events will be on a first come, first served basis.

Each event will be announced at SYG on a Monday evening, at least 2 weeks in advance and the number of available places will be stated then. If you wish to attend, give your name and money to Steve Burgess, as soon as possible after the announcement.

Canoeing at Camp 2022 

Canoeing at camp this year at Vauhall Christian Trust Adventure Centre in Suffolk.

We plan to offer a lot of canoeing activities at this years residential at Vauxhall, in Suffolk.  This includes some basic techniques to start, and for those who want to progress, extra sessions available.